Ten Most Instagrammable Spots in Bali


Ten Most Instagrammable Spots in Bali

Welcome to Bali, the land of beauty and beautiful people! It’s this time of year that where we often find ourselves asking the question: If you went on an adventure and you didn’t get a shot for Instagram, did it even happen at all? Haha! We might sound cynical but as 2020 is well in swing now we know it’s just as important to impress your Instagram followers as it is to capture the memories of your amazing Bali holiday.

So, drumroll, please…

Here are the most Instagrammable spots of 2020

1. Cafe Del Mar – In A Private Pool at Sunset

Bali’s newest beach club, Café Del Mar is a delight for the amateur photographer wanting to enjoy a slice of Bali’s Batu Belig area in total luxury. Extra points if you capture the moment as the sun slips under the horizon while your partner in crime sips a martini. The staff here are amazing and will happily make sure you get the perfect angle for that couples shot too.

2. The Abandoned Plane

The abandoned Boeing 737-200 plane in Uluwatu is an Instagram dream! It’s fully intact and can be viewed from a platform above it for that perfect “looking over the horizon in a bikini” post. It’s unique, not many people know about it, and you can get your aviator fix in without having to drive too far. If you slip in after-hours you may be able to sneak a shot in the cockpit. Though don’t tell anyone we told you! To find the plane just google abandoned plane and bingo, the map app will take you there.

3. Cafe Organic Garden Gangsters

If you have an Instagram blog about food then Cafe Organic is the perfect place to capture some sweet, organic, sustainable and delicious pictures. The decor is amazing, the light is gorgeous and they have Instagram walls to pose in front of while you enjoy your 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free snack in between those ‘out of town’ trips. It’s in Seminyak so the cafe us very close to lots of our villas and a great way to fill your tummy and your Instagram feed with lush Bali content before you head back to sunbathing.

4. Wanagiri Hidden Hills

The swing, cocoon and viewing deck at Wanagiri Hills are slowly becoming one of the most popular Instagram spots in Bali. However, they’re worth the drive and the fee you pay to get in is a great way to support the locals while capturing some stunning images. The hills are located around two hours from Canggu in the area of Bedugul and there are several spots to drop into. Luckily the whole place is well signposted. We recommend an early morning trip so you can capture the mist coming up off the lake and beat any other tourists that may have the same idea.

5. Top of Mount Batur

This is an Instagram image that takes some effort to get but it’s well worth the trek up the glorious Mount Batur. You’ll have to hire a driver to take you up (there and leave at around 4:30 am to get that magical sunrise shot) but it’s nothing less than breathtaking and you’ll be floored at the number of likes you get on your account. That’s not to mention the fresh air and the experience of gazing out over the volcanic cones of Bali from the perspective of the Gods. Read more about our recommended Bali adventures here.

6. Campuhan Ridge Walk

Based in Ubud, the Campuhan Ridge is an easy walk and it’s also a great way to capture shots when the weather turns a little grey. You don’t need the perfect blue sky to capture the magic of the place. Whatever the forecast, you’ll be surrounded by rice paddies, the occasional quaint warung and a charming old fashioned pathway that makes the perfect image if you want to announce a new journey on your Instagram page, or just capture the beauty and the mystery of travel. It’s free and easy to find.

7. Hidden Canyon Bali

The Beji Guwang hidden canyon site is full of mystery, lush caverns and waterfalls where you can pose for a spirit themed Instagram shot that’s also super unique. It’s based in Ubud and we recommend bringing a flash camera or at least using some filters to get the perfect colours for your shot. We particularly love the hanging vines and the stalagmites for an eerie but stunning way to portray your Bali adventure

8. Handara Golf Resort Gates

The soaring temple-like gates at the entrance of this resort have become an institution for Instagrammers in Bali, but it’s still worth the trip. Yogis can strike a pose, couples can kiss for the camera as the sun sets, or, you can just lean casually against this majestic piece of Balinese Hindu architecture and pretend it’s part of your everyday life. Be warned, there is a charge and we do recommend showing up with enough time before sunset to capture that perfect shot as there could be queues.

9. Lembongan Swing Bridge

The small, yellow bridge connecting the islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan is a dream for shots of you riding your scooter or motorbike. It’s a one-way bridge that has a tragic history but it still can’t be beaten for beauty. Especially when the tide is in. Think fun-loving and free! Perfect if you’re an influencer looking for new sponsors.

10. Peguyangan Waterfall on Nusa Penida

To be honest, Nusa Penida is full of amazing Instagrammable sites but we particularly love the waterfall and the epic blue staircase that leads down the cliffside towards it. You’ll have views of the mountains, the sea and the beaches below. It’s an absolute winner and you shouldn’t miss Devils Tear and Crystal Bay while you’re on the island.

Extra Spots To ‘Up’ Your Instagram Fame

We didn’t have time to profile every landscape that’s Insta-worthy on Bali, so here’s a quick list of extras you can google if you’re running out of inspiration but you need to post some content stat!

• Tegalalang Rice Terrace – A shot of you surrounded by rice terraces

• Gili Trawangan Swings – That classic romantic couples shot

• Motel Mexicola – Cool Mexican murals for a funky, fun friends shot

• Amo Spa – In the hot tub with the Canggu sign in the background

• The Gili Trawangan – The ‘Life is good’ surfboard sign

• The W Hotel Bali – A forest-like cocoon to be remembered

Book Your Bali Holiday Now

Whether you want to capture the beauty of the scenery, or just capture some inner peace with a Bai holiday, we’ve got the accommodation to sort you out! From stunning group villas to luxurious couples hideaways. You can find out more about our range of holiday homes at this link or just get in touch with us for a recommendation to perfectly suit your needs. Happy 2020 from the whole team.

14 January 2020

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