5 Things to do in Bali when it rains


5 Things to do in Bali when it rains

Bali is enjoyably sunny during most of the dry season. However, occasional downpours are common at any time of the year. Even when the skies turn dark grey and the roads are wet from drizzly to heavy rains, Bali still offers numerous activity options.

Discover Balinese cuisine, special spices and ingredients, and how to prepare them through fun cooking classes, or indulge in a soothing spa treatment. You can also take your family or friends to see various shows that merge traditional tales with high-tech sound and lighting. The weather may turn dull, but with many choices, your holiday in Bali will never be.

1. Have a Pampering Spa Treatment

The Balinese believe that the body is a sacred temple for the soul. Visit any Bali spa for an experience that brings peace to the spirit, calm to the mind and vitality to the body. A Balinese spa treatment is also a journey itself, to discover a heritage of wellbeing through techniques and special ingredients. Bali spas offer many traditional treatments which use local herbs and healing oils. Balinese massage oil is usually made from extracts of ginger (jahe), frangipani (jepun), sandalwood (cendana) and coconut (kelapa). Each of these ingredients have their own uses and special properties.

2. Yoga

Yoga in Bali has grown wildly popular in recent years, making it a main draw for many holidaymakers to the island – especially those who have health and wellbeing pursuits at the top of their list. With a collection of great yoga studios and retreats spread throughout the island, Bali has developed into one of the world’s best destinations for seasoned practitioners of different types of yoga disciplines. It is also one of the best places for beginners to pick up yoga from the best instructors around. Here’s all our gathered information on Yoga in Bali, from the basics of learning yoga to the best studios available, from the heartland of Ubud to the bustling beach resort area of Seminyak. If you are looking for a full on yoga experience, check out our compilation of the more refined retreats that dedicate their services and facilities to health, wellbeing and yoga, complete with full-fledged programmes.

3. Bali Cooking Classes

Balinese cooking classes have become increasingly popular as the island’s tropical cuisine gains wider appeal thanks to its rich ingredients, changeable spiciness levels for every palate, and fun preparation techniques. Courses are often packaged with early morning fish and farm market tours that let you discover the variety of fresh tropical sea creatures, meats, poultry, aromatic exotic spices and organically grown tropical fruits before your hands-on experience in recreating age-old traditional dishes – from satay varieties, fresh salad mixes with spicy sambal sauces and dips, to a range of healthy desserts. Here are Bali’s top spots that provide fun cooking courses for a different culinary experience, and from where you can bring home some exciting Balinese recipes and newly acquired skills.

4. Theatre Show

Devdan Show is a 90-minute theatrical show that is great for the whole family, which you can enjoy four times a week at Bali’s Nusa Dua Theatre near the bay of Nusa Dua and the Bali Collection. The premise of the story is a boy and girl who decide to break away from their mundane tour group, only to stumble upon an enchanted treasure chest filled with various cultural objects from the different islands in the Indonesian archipelago, hence the shows subtitle, ‘Treasure of the Archipelago’.

5. Indoor Fun & Games

Bali’s collection of trick art galleries and interactive 3D museums not only offer great activities for families during rainy days on the island, but they also serve as wonderful alternatives to the beach and malls. Step inside these wondrous art spaces and you can find immersive murals masterfully crafted to create stunning three-dimensional illusions. Some are truly life-size and hyper-realistic, which allow lots of experimentation with your creative poses – all to make that one-of-a-kind group shot. From parodies of famous celebrities, such as scenes from the White House, or classical paintings gone wild, blockbuster movie characters, fairy tale and magical themes, to the most current pop-culture references, these galleries will offer you hours of fun discovery. Most of them have a helpful team of guides who are more than happy to show you some creative pose tips and ideas, and they can also take that perfectly framed shot for you, so no one has to miss out on the fun.

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14 November 2017

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