Bali Insider Profile: Where Are The Best Gyms In Bali ?

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Bali Insider Profile: Where Are The Best Gyms In Bali ?


As long-time residents of Bali, we’ve done the rounds of the best gyms and fitness facilities this gorgeous island has to offer. So, if you’re a travelling fitness fanatic there’s no need to worry about letting go of your routine. There are world-class training facilities of every sort scattered around the areas of Seminyak, Legian and Canggu. Read on to get the inside word on where to work out and what to wear at these top fitness spots.


Seaside Fitness

Bob Breen is a New Zealander who’s been living in Bali for many years and runs Seaside Fitness in Legian. This is a smaller gym where you can get personal service if you’re recovering from injury or looking for some strength and conditioning. Seaside holds a boot camp on Saturday mornings and Bob’s also well known by expats to be a top-notch boxing coach.

Hammerhead Gym

One of the larger gyms in Bali, Hammerhead is popular with weightlifters and bodybuilders looking to maximise their gains. The music is loud, the weights are heavy and you’ll be guaranteed a good workout. The gym has a great view of the sunset and though it’s a busy space they have plenty of workout stations and different classes for athletes of every type.



Soham is an all-around wellness centre with a large variety of classes and services presented in a boutique and luxurious environment. There’s a high-quality Ayurvedic spa on site including a sauna, a pool and a cafe. This is the place where the beautiful people of Bali go to lose track of time and work on shaping their bodies. It’s a good spot for couples with different fitness goals. You can get a tough workout, a yoga class and then throw in some pampering at the end of your session.

Daily Gym

They call Daily Gym the temple of fitness and you’ll be impressed with their multi-level, professional outfit. The trainers are friendly, the classes are small and intimate and the location is handy. There’s plenty of equipment, a well-sprung boxing ring and bags for fans of striking but there’s also cardio machines and weights upstairs for strength and conditioning. Daily offers specialised training programmes for men and women and with its laid-back atmosphere, we think it’s a winner.


Functional training is an extension of the CrossFit movement and F45 is the place to go for this in Bali. You’ll find yourself short of breath with these punishing team workouts and impressed by the professional staff. Don’t come here unless you’re ready to work! The sessions are designed for maximum muscle gain and a decrease in body fat by performing systematic but unique techniques using the world-class equipment.


Finns Recreation Centre

Officially known as Fins recreation complex the Canggu club is a great place for the whole family to spend the day. You can train in the fully air-conditioned gym while you send the kids for ten pin bowling or even a bounce session in the trampoline room. There’s also a water park and tennis courts on site, and you can pick up a friendly game of touch rugby or volleyball depending on the day of the week. The gym itself has loads of top quality machines, a decent range of free weights and plenty of space for stretching. There’s even a spa if you want to reward yourself with some beauty treatments afterwards.

Bali MMA

If you’re a fan of martial arts then this is the place to go. Bali MMA is run by an American crew of well-known professional fighters who offer Jiu Jitsu and grappling, Muay Thai, classic Boxing and even yoga classes. It’s a friendly and easygoing atmosphere with the pro fight team attending general classes to help newbies. Bali MMA offers personal training, a cafe, surf camps and all sorts of other goodies for the mixed martial artist.

CrossFit Wanderlust

CrossFit Wanderlust is the biggest and best known CrossFit box in Bali. It’s home to the Reebok Crossfit games, a range of awesome classes including movement and lifting classes, talented personal trainers – and of course many well-built athletes wearing as little as possible to beat the heat. The team here are super friendly, there’s a cafe on site and you can be guaranteed a premium WOD on your Bali holiday.

Ok, there we have it, our top picks for the best gyms in Bali. The websites for each one are included above but don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to chat further if you want more information. It’s also worth saying that if you’re looking for a luxurious villa close to one of these gyms then flick us an email! We have properties to suit every type of Bali holidaymaker and budget.

28 February 2018

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