Bali International Airport Granted Approval to Receive International Flights


Bali International Airport Granted Approval to Receive International Flights

After months of ceased operations at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, the Indonesian Government has agreed to allow seven national airports including Ngurah Rai International to resume international flights.

As per new immigration regulations, implemented in Indonesia, authorities continue to limit the number of arrivals into the country due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, at this time, only Indonesian citizens, diplomatic visas, business visas, KITAS and KITAP visas and APEC card holders are cargo will be allowed entry.

Additionally, Limited Stay Permit Visa (VITAS) holders such as foreign workers, investors, medical assistance workers, trade and other emergency visits will also be granted entry.

The entry requirements for Ngurah Rai International Airport at this time are:

  • Medical confirmation stating that the individual is free from Covid-19
  • This letter must be in English and issued from the country of origin
  • Prior to arrival in Indonesia, the individual has spent at least 14 days in a Covid-19 exempt area
  • The individual is willing to undergo a 14 day quarantine prepared by the Indonesian Government or self-isolate under Government supervision.

Upon arrival, airpot authorities will conduct an interview to track the visitors previous travel records.

When will Bali open to Tourism? The Government has announced it is preparing to open Bali to international tourism, but the plan hinges on the Cover-19 situation. Tourism and Creative Economy spokesman Probe Revolusi said the Government aimed to be ready to reopen tourism on the Island at any time but that Covid-19 remained a consideration.

“We are prepared, but it’s just about how Bali can control Covid-19 cases,” Pak Probe added that no date has yet be set for reopening. Prabu said that if new daily cases ceased in Bali then the Island could be reopened soon.

Tourism has been the one fo the hardest sectors hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Bali has lost an estimated US$3.4 billion in tourism revenue from March to July, 2020 according to data from the Bali Tourism Agency.

Meanwhile, 70 percent of the 326,000 small and medium (SME) in Bali’s food and beverage sectors have closed, with the rest reporting a drop in revenue of over 50 percent.

Bali previously aimed to reopen to international tourism by Sept. 11, but the plan was postponed because of health and safety considerations, as well as travel restrictions imposed by many countries.

To reassure incoming tourists the government has set up cleanliness, health, safety and environmental (CHSE) certification for tourist destinations. By Nov. 28, the government has issued CHSE certificates to 315 hotels and 351 restaurants across Bali.

So whilst in remains uncertain about the timing of Bali’s reopening to international tourism, one thing is sure, the government are doing all they can to ensure Bali is ready!

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15 December 2020

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