Bali Island Escapes


Bali Island Escapes

Take A Holiday From Your Holiday

One of the best things about a holiday in Bali is the chance to hide yourself away in a villa with a private pool, but if you feel like adding a little adventure to your holiday, or, if the Bali beaches seem a bit crowded then we can highly recommend the following three island escapes!

The Nusa District is a group of three small islands that are considered part of the Lesser Sunda Islands of the Malay Archipelago. They’re off the coast of Bali and are called Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida.

Each has different charms but all three can be reached quickly and easily by speed boat from Sanur harbor which is approximately 40-60 minutes drive from your Bali villa in Seminyak or Canggu.

Speaking of villas – it is officially high season so if you haven’t booked your Bali villa yet, check out the amazing places we have on offer or just read on to find out about these stunning island escapes.

Nusa Lembongan


Nusa Lembongan is around 8km2 and has awesome activities for the whole family. Once you arrive we recommend starting the day with a visit to Dream beach. There’s a restaurant with an infinity pool right on the cliff top if you’re looking for a lunch spot, but the kids will love playing on the beach itself with its white sand and clear blue water.


The second beach option on Nusa Lembongan is Sandy Bay. It has a more luxurious restaurant and a beach club which is perfect if you’re on a romantic getaway. There are also high end villas and hotels in this area.


Another popular spot is called Devil’s Tear, it’s a rocky area where the sea surges up with a giant booming noise, creating a rainbow effect that’s perfect for those Instagram shots. And yes, there is cliff jumping here but no, we don’t recommend it!

Along the same stretch of beach you’ll find fishing and tour boats that can take you out snorkelling with giant Manta Ray. This is suitable for kids over the age of ten and is a safe and wonderful family activity you’ll never forget.

We also recommend Mushroom Bay. The beach isn’t as idyllic but the atmosphere makes up for it. There are loads of cheap restaurants and you can rent stand up paddle boards or even visit the nearby Mangroves for an educational afternoon.

Nusa Ceningan


Ceningan is perhaps the baby of the three Nusa islands, it’s located right in the middle and is reachable from Lembongan itself over a suspension bridge that runs between the two islands.


Nusa Ceningan has the better surf breaks then Lembongan and although there are no major hotels here, there are a variety of scattered homestays and tucked away bars. We’ve recommend taking in the sunset at Le Pirate after a visit to Secret Beach. Though frankly, it isn’t as secret as it used to be now it’s on Google Maps so you may come across some other tourists!


Nusa Ceningan is the least developed of the three islands but the water is famously clear. We certainly recommend a visit to Blue Lagoon. Take your shoes as the rocks around the lagoon can be quite sharp but the pictures are worth it! After that head up to Cenigan Cliff Point for some incredible views of the ocean.

There’s also a more regulated cliff jumping area on Ceningan called Mahana Point. The locals charge a small fee but it’s comforting to know that they’ll be there to jump in after you should anything go wrong. There are several spots at different heights to jump from which is great for those with varying levels of courage! Just make sure you jump at high tide.

Nusa Penida


Nusa Penida is the biggest of the three islands, it takes around an hour to drive from one side to the other on a rented scooter. The roads here are better than those on Lembongan and Ceningan and there are more places to eat yummy food or just take photos of the stunning views.


First off, we recommend Atuh Beach. It’s surrounded by crazy rock formations and there’s a natural rock arch that sits just off shore. The sand is white, the water is clear and the drinks are cold! What more could you ask for?


If you’re into cultural visits then The Pura Goa Giri Putri Cave is a holy site that can be accessed by what will seem like millions of stairs! Once you’ve made it half way up the mountain you’ll receive a water blessing then crawl through a crevice to enter the cave and underground temple where Balinese in traditional costume conduct prayer throughout the day.
Peguyangan Waterfall is a famous spot we also recommend.

Lastly, we couldn’t not mention Kelingking Secret Point Beach. It has a clifftop which is actually shaped like a T-rex and it’s worth the climb to make it there for photos of the beach below. Again, we recommend leaving your thongs behind and wearing sturdy shoes for this walk.

Island Adventures In Indonesia

Like Bali, all three of these islands can be traversed by scooter (either driven you or by a Gojek.) You will find the coconuts are cheap, the umbrellas are plentiful and the locals are friendly!

Holy sites are scattered across all three of the islands so bring a sarong if you want to visit them. ATMs are not that reliable so bring cash from Bali and make sure you be careful if you are planning on doing any of the famous cliff jumps!

We would love to hear about your experience and remember, if you have not booked your accommodation yet, just visit us here for a look at the Bali villas we have available!

22 November 2019

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