BALI : The One-Stop Beauty Destination


BALI : The One-Stop Beauty Destination

Why not get it done in Bali ?

South East Asia is a fantastic destination for more than just warm beaches and sunshine. It’s the perfect place to come for medical tourism. Whether it’s dentistry, botox, hair plugs or more extensive plastic surgery like facelifts. The Island of the Gods has what you need at around half the cost of the same treatments in Australia or New Zealand.

When it comes to treatments of this nature, it’s crucial you choose the right clinic, so we’ve put together a list of our top five beauty centres on the island. One of the best ways to do medical tourism is to come for a private stay in one of our luxury villas before, during and after your treatment. Imagine flying into Bali for a relaxing week away, secretly getting your treatments then flying home again looking a million bucks for a reasonable amount of money! Click here to view villas and read on to discover where to get your treatments.

Cocoon Medical Spa


Cocoon does Botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments, fat loss, skin tightening and so much more. This clinic has branches in both Seminyak and Ubud and is perhaps the most highly rated of all the clinics in Bali. This could be because of the lush decor, but it’s more likely because they have a highly experienced team of senior medical staff. These are experienced professionals who offer a guarantee that allows you to have your treatments again if you’re unhappy with the results. We suggest you look them up and recommend the vampire facial. Visit their website to find out more.




Rejuvie is an aesthetic, anti ageing and dental clinic. This means everything from tooth whitening to dermal filler to laser hair removal. You can even get human growth hormone boosters here. We recommend the platelet-rich plasma for skin rejuvenation and often send clients to Rejuvie for skin cancer and mole checks. The dentistry section of the centre has grown over the last three years, and they are now well known for reliable crowns, fillings and root canals. If you’re planning to get extensive dental work, then consider Rejuvie as one of your top options.


Made Ita’s


Here you’ll find acne and pigmentation treatments, vitamin C shots and almost everything else you can think of when it comes to beauty and skin care. Made Ita is a medical doctor, but she’s also got years of experience with aesthetic care. As many as 80% of her clients fly in to see her, and she’s known as the Botox and Dermal filling expert. Ask any supermodel where to get Botox in Bali, and you’re likely to be referred to Dr Made Ita. Apparently, her needle placement is second to none.


ARC Anti Ageing


ARC has been open since 2002 which makes them one of the original providers of medical tourism in Bali. They are especially well known for treating male issues with hair regeneration treatments, mesotherapy fat treatments for love handles and even Teosyal Redensity, a procedure to reduce dark circles. The message here is that anti ageing is not just for women, and ARC is providing safe and discreet treatments to men who want to look their best. ARC offers an extensive menu for both sexes, so if you and your partner want to treat yourselves, this is the best place for you both.


Eden Life Centres


Pitching itself as a medical spa and beauty bar at the same time, Eden Life Centres are reasonably new on the island, but their reputation is stellar so far. Here you can book yourself in for anything from IV treatments and specialist facials to manicures and pedicures. We especially love their fat reduction options with PPC being a popular treatment among the over 40’s in the office. This is when Lipodissolve injections are injected into any fatty areas to reduce cellulite. This treatment is minimally invasive and remarkably effective. Eden Life Centre is in the Seminyak areas set off the street in private gardens nestled amongst the hip cafes. We recommend you get your booty down there.


Bali, the one-stop beauty destination

Whether you’re male or female, looking for minimal or maximum effect, Bali is the perfect location for medical tourism. Consider one of the above locations for your treatment and don’t forget to book yourself into one of our private villas. View a selection of them here and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any special requests. For a small extra charge, we can have a driver ready to take you to and from the clinic and even get one of our housekeepers to stock up at the supermarket so you can hibernate while your skin heals!

1 May 2019

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