Bali’s Best Coworking Spaces


Bali’s Best Coworking Spaces

If you’re on a business trip to Bali or you need to stay connected to home when you’re travelling, then we’ve got just the answer for you. Coworking spaces used to be rare, but in the last five years they’ve been popping up all over Bali. They’re the perfect space to get some peace, drink some coffee and tick off the items on your todo list. Note: All of the spaces we have included charge a small fee but the high-speed internet, bustling community and convenient office services make it worth it. So here we go; in no particular order…Bali’s best coworking spaces.


The Hub


Hub Bali is a fast growing community of entrepreneurs working out of communal space in Seminyak. They are an affordable and inclusive space with an entry fee of just $3.50 US per day or $6.50 per day if you want to own individual desk space. There are great living and meeting areas, and members are empowered to share and grow together. Outside is the pool, a wonderful place to take a dip between meetings.


Tropical Nomad


If you’ve ever been to Canggu, then you’re likely to know about the famous shortcut that takes you between dozens of stunning rice fields. It leads from one side of the village to the other and smack bang in the middle, next to Pretty Poison is Tropical Nomad. It’s new so there’s still space to sit and the views are epic. There’s a Warung style cafe where you can get affordable food, and the quiet will help you to become super productive. Check the website for prices.

The Dojo



The Dojo is a friendly hub of longtime staff members and established Canggu nomads. It’s incredibly close to the beach, it has a pool, and there are several meeting rooms. If you’re holding a conference we recommend Dojo with two floors of colourful, creative space, it’s a welcome change from the library like atmospheres of the corporate world. It’s not cheap here but being able to settle down and apply your brain to some work should make that worth the cost. They also have great workshops and community sharing events like Toastmasters Groups. Check their website for more information.




Hubud was the first coworking space in Bali, based in Ubud next to the monkey forest. It’s built in a sustainable bamboo hut of sorts with many different areas to work. Think desks that look out over the trees or a private meeting room if you choose. It was once the leader of the coworking movement on the island and still has the infrastructures and courses to help you either relax uninterrupted with a book or learn entrepreneurship with a group of rowdy startup founders. If finding yourself is a priority, then you’ll find the community here very willing to point you in the right direction of healers and yoga classes.


Rumah Sanur


Rumah Sanur is the place to meet for more than just coffee. This Indonesian owned, and run coworking space is the ultimate hip stop off for art shows, poetry nights and a variety of other collaborators who have made this creative space their own. Their ethos is built around connection, collaboration and celebration of the arts. Their on-site coffee shop (Kopi Kultur) is proud to brew a fantastic cup of coffee while also actively continuing to work on the social issues that plague the coffee industry in Indonesia.



Also in Sanur just a few minutes from the beach, Livit has just opened its doors to all visitors after starting as a consultancy for team building, company holidays and tech problem-solving. These days it continues to help companies on a global scale while also offering Sanur residents a quiet place to work or just to get that one document printed.

Peace and Quiet For Just A Moment

If the hustle and bustle of Bali is a little overwhelming, then feel free to escape to any of these unique office spaces. If you’re not keen to go somewhere, you’ll be pleased to know that all of our villas come with WIFi and most have a small working space where you can get your business done without having to go out. Click here to see a selection of those villas, and we hope you love your stay in Bali.

3 June 2019

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