Hidden Homeware Delights


Hidden Homeware Delights

This little island is best known for its surfing and beaches, but in the last decade, Bali has also become a hub for designers that make a stunning range of homeware.

Bali artisans have a unique style and the furniture here is nothing less than drool-worthy, so we’ve put together a list of the best places to pick up everything from linens and cane baskets to ceramic dinner sets and candles.

And fortunately, we know exactly where to go! Our villas are masterpieces of interior design so don’t hesitate to check out some of them for inspiration here, or just read on to find out where to go to turn your own home into a tropical paradise.


Knot products are a triumph of sustainable woodworking. This company specialises in teak wood and has created a range of dining and kitchenware that’s not only durable but exquisitely designed.


Unagi is a giant emporium of homeware with a huge range of smaller style handicrafts to bring the flavour of the island back home with you. The shelves are stacked high with sculptures, baskets and weaving but the staff are super helpful so it’s easy to locate the right colour and size you need to fit a piece of Bali in your home.



If you’re looking for high thread count sheets, soft towels and plush, snuggly duvet sets, then Indolinen is the place to go. They are particularly good for whites or muted colours and you’ll be able to pick up a hotel-quality bedroom set for half the price that you would expect to pay in Australia.


Bungalow specialises in decorative art, cushions and throws but is also the best place to buy a Christmas present for that special woman in your life. Expect to find everything from tribal prints to rag dolls made by Indonesian artisans.



Kevala supplies many of the restaurants on the island with handmade and extremely unique ceramics. They employ only local artisans to do the designs and will even ship your new dinner set home for you!


If you’re a fan of the quaint style of the French colonial era then Domicil is the place to go for both small and large homewares. They offer one-off antiques collected from around the world and some local designs which reflect the French Indonesian heritage of the owners.



Satunama is a contemporary Indonesian boutique of style with a range of smaller homeware items like resin pineapples, scented candles and lacquered bowls. You’ll also find recycled rosewood, mahogany and teak items in the store that were inspired by the owner’s travels through Asia.


Abang is one of the older suppliers of homeware on the island and it’s the place to find crochet hammocks, macrame weavings and stunning cane basket sets. You’ll probably find yourself getting lost in this Bali-style treasure trove for the homemaker.



If you’re ok with spending a little more than Kim Soo is the place to go. Their style is bohemian yet vintage and the shop is full of art and textiles that will look fabulous on your walls. Imagine everything from chandeliers made from beach shells to wall hangings and handcrafted chopping boards.


Head to Mercredi for everything fabric! There are handbags, sarongs, floor rugs, throws, blankets, placemats and even rattan chairs. Mercredi uses soft linen and pure cotton to offer a stunning range for the Bali shopper!



Based in a chic cafe, SOUQ has everything from imported designer clothing and shoes to modern furniture pieces. It’s a little more expensive but well worth the cost and you can enjoy an excellent coffee while you browse.


Here you can find all sorts of curiosities that have been hand-picked from different parts of Indonesia. Think tribal masks, miniature boats and woven rugs. Each piece has a story behind it and will make a fascinating conversation topic when you’re next entertaining.



If you’re after some more kitsch, modern artwork then visit Toko Emporium. They have everything from black and white prints to graffiti-style art on canvas and shocking pink resin buddhas. If you like new-school Bali design with a flair for the dramatic then you’ll be right at home.

Getting Your Bali Treasures Home

Many tourists come to Bali in a quest for homeware shopping and find that they don’t have enough space in their luggage to fit everything they want to take home! If this is the case then consider using a shipping service like Bayus Bali Cargo. These guys offer amazing service including storage and museum-quality packing plus a free driver to take you around the island while you shop.

Remember though, it is high season so if you’re planning a big shopping trip to Bali and you haven’t booked your accommodation yet then don’t hesitate to get in touch! Many of our properties are booked but we still have some absolutely stunning villas available, and we’d love to welcome you to the little island we call home.

14 January 2020

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