Creative Bali Workshops For The Girls


Creative Bali Workshops For The Girls

If you’re keen to do something different on your upcoming Bali girls’ holiday then we’ve got the perfect suggestion! This selection of classes and Bali workshops is a fun way to while away the time between shopping and spa trips, plus, you’ll get to take home a new skill. The Bali workshops we recommend here are based all over the island but just ask our villa staff, and we can have a driver ready and waiting to take you there in air-conditioned comfort. Note! At this time of year, we also have some excellent villas free for booking so if you haven’t got somewhere to stay yet, click here to check out our range.

Chakra Healing – Ubud


At this full-day Chakra healing workshop, you’ll learn about the seven different energy centres in the body. How to align them, clear them and keep them open for maximum wellbeing. This Bali workshop is at the Ubud Healing House where you can also get massages and other treatments if you want to go all in and treat yourself. Ubud is still known as the spiritual centre of Bali, so keep in mind this workshop could release a significant shift in energy.

The Chakra course will teach you to heal others, but first, your own chakras will be unblocked. You’ll lay down on a massage table with your clothes on, and the healer will set the scene with soft music that puts you in a meditative state. Then she’ll use a pendulum to assess each of your chakras. If required she will then use a combination of reflexology, sound healing, crystals and even essential oils to unblock your chakras and relieve any disharmony or illness that may be presenting. After your own healing, you’ll receive practice materials and training to keep your own and other’s chakras more balanced. At the end of the day, you’ll be driven back to the villa in a state of divine peace.
Address: Jl. Raya Tebongkang No. 39, Singakerta, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571

Djamoe Herbals Class – Canggu


Djamoe (also known as Jammu) is a traditional herbal medicine. Though it hails from Java originally, it’s the favourite of many Balinese villagers. There’s a Jammu tonic for almost everything that ails you from common colds to ageing. Jamu is made of leaves, roots, bark and even the flowers of selected plants. It’s famous for providing healing, long life and beauty! The perfect Bali workshop!

This 2-hour course will teach you how to make four different Jammu mixes and includes an extensive explanation of the plants that offer potent healing properties. Depending on the weather you may take a herbal walk through one of the local farms. Otherwise, you’ll be presented with fresh herbs to use in the workshop. Some of these include turmeric, ginger, citronella, hibiscus, patchouli, aloe vera, tamarind, kencur, the ylang-ylang flower and more! You’ll walk away with your mixes in the form of tonics, scrubs or potions. Though the taste is a little intense you can sweeten the mix with brown sugar and it’ll be worth it to know you’re treating your body well.

Address: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong | Hotel Tugu Bali, Canggu 80361, Indonesia

Circus Worksops and Flying trapeze – Kuta


These workshops are perfect for children and for grown-ups who want to get in touch with their playful, creative selves. The Bali Circus runs classes to teach people of all ages how to juggle balls, spin plates or devil sticks, throw a diabolo, spin poi, ride a unicycle, walk on stilts, hula hoop and so much more. You’ll be using your hand-eye coordination, increasing your reflex speed and developing a better sense of rhythm. These Bali workshops are located in the gardens of the Dynasty resort in Kuta and vary depending on your needs. We recommend the adults beginner aerial or trapeze classes! They’ll have you flying around in complete safety and leave you with a boost of restored confidence on your Bali holiday.

Perfume Workshop – Jimbaran


The founder of L’Atelier Perfume & Creations in Bali is a French native who moved to Bali and wanted to bring the art of perfume making to paradise. The class is located in the Ritz hotel in the Jimbaran area where you’ll also find lots of beaches and beautiful seafood restaurants. Whether you love musky, woody or floral tones the staff at L’Atelier can help you to create your own scent without creating a stink!

The team will start by quizzing you on what scents you love and then help you to narrow down your focus from their massive selection of fresh products and raw materials like frangipani and orchids. The workshop is 90 mins long, and there’s no theory involved, but you’ll learn the secrets of the perfume making trade from an experienced instructor. You’ll take away your signature scent in a 30ml flash package and earn a diploma in perfume making. They’ll even keep your blend on file in case you want to order another bottle.

Turn your holiday in to a learning experience

These are just some of the more specialised courses we’ve handpicked for a girly holiday or wedding pre-celebration you so just let your villa manager know if you’re interested in something else. We can easily book other creative workshops like bamboo carving, Balinese dance or silver jewellery making. There’s an extra charge for each, but you’ll find it’s worth it for the entertainment and fun that can be had when you turn your Bali holiday into a learning experience.

21 February 2019

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