Find Coffee Heaven in Seminyak


Find Coffee Heaven in Seminyak

Coffee lovers rejoice, there’s a new Starbucks Reserve in Seminyak. What is a Starbucks Reserve you may ask? Well, it’s basically a giant coffee shop with all the extra amazing additions you could imagine.

Just one visit and you’ll find yourself drawn to what Starbucks is calling The Dewata Coffee Sanctuary which is built on 20,000 sq ft of Bali land and is open now for takeaway or dine in coffee experiences.

The Starbucks Bali

1. Check out the smart Balinese design.

The logo and interiors have been designed to represent Balinese philosophy with a lotus flower and in the logo completed by ikat style weaving textures. The change has been carried outside too with the facade being made of red bricks in the shape of half circles. This interesting design is supposed to appear as if it’s moving as you drive past. The interior and exterior were designed in partnership with local artisans and inspired by traditional Balinese houses.

2. Take a tour of a faux coffee farm.

With a full sized Arabica tree meandering over a 100 sq ft purpose-built coffee farm you can explore the origins of coffee making in Indonesia. The farm replica offers a guided tour where you can learn how Indonesian farmers de-pulp and wash, dry and rake coffee beans during the harvest season.

3. Test the small batch offering.

The first floor offers a place to try Starbucks like you’ve never tried it before by sampling one or more of the small batch coffees that are currently competing to make it onto the main menu. The reserve space has been outfitted with a bar and design that’s reminiscent of rice terraces, and you can take in the interactive display on the life of a coffee bean.

Is This The Best Coffee in Bali ?

Honestly, as fans of the small barista and the home grown coffee shop, we think not – but we still applaud the effort by Starbucks to honour local farmers and especially appreciate the art and cultural touches they’ve made to keep it in line with the ocean and rice paddies vibes of the island.

One thing that’s specially bound to catch the eye is a 9.1 – metre (30 – foot) – tall, hand – carved wooden mural that depicts Indonesian coffee history, it was created to recognise local farmers, but it’s stunning to look at as you sip your flat white.

Another stunning piece of art is their website which you can check for events and to make bookings for lunches or meetings. You can find them here

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17 May 2019

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