Magic Finger of Bali – Where To Get The Best Massage


Magic Finger of Bali – Where To Get The Best Massage

Of all the treats in the world, a good quality Balinese massage is perhaps the most satisfying. The key is making sure you choose the right place to go. One thing you’ll notice when you’re on holiday in Bali is that there’s a massage or spa service on almost every corner. So to make sure you don’t end up feeling dissatisfied with your massage, we’ve put together a list of the best massage places in Bali.

You’ll see they aren’t the cheapest, but at each of these spas, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll get premium service which is worth the five or ten dollar difference that divides the average from the great! Read on for insider tips, and if you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, consider one of our luxurious holiday villas. The low season is here, so some great spots that are usually booked solid are now available.

In Bali, the term; Tri Hita Karana refers to the practice of nurturing greater harmony with spirit, with each other and with the environment. This principle is what guides the treatment design of Sundari Day Spa. Sundari Day Spa is one of the most frequently awarded establishments on the island and is continuously recognised for its high quality and consistent massage service.


We have two recommendations from the Sundari menu. The first is the lymphatic drainage massage which uses pure essential oils of grapeseed to manipulate the body’s lymphatic system and get rid of any bloating or blocks. It’s great for immunity, but it also tones the skin and leaves you feeling utterly refreshed. The second is the hot stone chakra massage which uses long strokes to awaken the bodies healing potential and soothe any injuries. Warm stones are placed in five or six spots down your back, and long strokes are used to bring your chakras back into alignment. It’s nothing short of heavenly.

Often referred to as the best massage in Bali, Jari Menari means “Dancing fingers” in Balinese. Located in Seminyak, Jari Menari employs a team of male-only masseuses who are professionally trained to offer rhythmic, firm and constant pressure.


Again you can choose several different types of massage, but we recommend the Tibetan singing bowl session where a bowl is placed on your back and chimed to help move the energy. It’s a meditative and relaxing massage for those who aren’t sleeping well or have had a long flight. Another favourite is the connoisseur’s massage which combines stretching. Your masseuse will identify any areas that need work and gently guide you into some yoga-inspired stretches while he massages the muscles which require the most attention.

If you’re staying in the Canggu area, then you can’t go wrong with a visit to Amo Spa. They’re based on the popular Batu Bolong strip and offer two types of massage that have been designed by orthopaedic surgeons. The first is called “Rejuvenate me”, it suits those who need a little more pressure and stress relief. The second is “Relax me”, a massage that’s so peaceful it may just put you to sleep on the table.


The luxe environment and extra services at AMO mean you don’t have to stop at a massage so go wild and take advantage of Bali’s spa and lifestyle culture to truly pamper yourself.

Bodyworks is perhaps one of the most long-standing health centres on the island. They offer truly premium customer service with massages that will give you as much relief as a trip to a physiotherapist.


We recommend the 90-minute tension release massage. It starts with a Japanese style shiatsu pressure massage where your masseuse will use both the palms and fingers to follow the body’s meridian lines to clear and balance your energy. Then your muscles will receive a pummelling with an oil massage to release any knots and leave you feeling genuinely ready to relax on your Bali holiday. We recommend you finish off with a traditional Balinese Lulur body scrub then a refreshing hot shower before they send you back out into the sunshine.

Stepping into Alila is a blissful experience, the crisp air conditioning keep you cool, and the air is scented with lemongrass and chamomile to create an oasis of calm – it’s the perfect spot to spend a couple of hours getting a rub down.


They have a range of different massages to choose from. You can go with a signature Balinese massage which combines acupressure with long soothing strokes to relieve joint and muscle tension and stimulate circulation. Or if you prefer it strong, you could try the deep tissue massage which uses high pressure and firm strokes to work on the layers of muscle and fascia that may be blocked because of work tension.

Bali’s Five Best Massages

Those are our tips for the five best massage places on the island. Get on down to at least one of them on your next trip! We wish you the best for your Bali holiday and don’t forget to check out our selection of villas before you head back to work. We hope to see you soon in Bali.

13 March 2019

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