Plan The Best Valentine’s Surprise EVER!


Plan The Best Valentine’s Surprise EVER!

With Valentine’s Day 2020 fast approaching, the time to start planning your romantic surprise is NOW. The beginning of February is when women all over the world start to wonder if the men in their lives have remembered to do something special – so don’t be the guy who forgets! Also, a word from the wise: Even when a woman says she doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day. She does! Oh yes, she really does.

So, what can you do? Well, if you haven’t proposed yet and the relationship is looking like it’s heading that way, consider popping the big question in Bali. You can find some great spots for a romantic Bali proposal listed here. But if you’re not quite ready to make a permanent commitment, or you’re already married, then there’s nothing better than a surprise weekend getaway in the tropics.

To help lure you to Bali we’ve listed the three most romantic villas we have to offer. A weekend in one of these will blow her mind but don’t just stop there! We suggest you not only book one of these incredible hideaways but also do something classically romantic to wow your girl and show her how much you love her. We hereby prescribe the following fail-safe formula to ensure you stay in her good books for the year to come.

Your 100% Fail-Safe Valentines Day Formula

To prepare, tell her to take a long weekend break from work, book your Bali villa and plan to arrive in Bali on Thursday the 13th. Upon arrival in Denpasar, send her straight to the spa for the day to give yourself time to set everything up. Then get on the phone to organise the following treats for Friday the 14th February. Our villa managers can help you pull off the surprise so don’t hesitate to call us at any time!

1 The Spa

She will most certainly need a gorgeous massage and several luxurious spa treatments after the flight so send her to Sundari for the day while you get busy preparing things. You may want to book her treatments before takeoff so here’s the website.

2. The Flowers

As soon as she’s out of the way, order a dozen red roses and some rose petals for her pillow. The florist will deliver them with little moisture pods on the stems so they won’t wilt overnight. You can keep these hidden until Valentine’s morning. Pro tip: Don’t forget to ask for a card so you can profess your love.

3. The Soundtrack

Next, cue up a playlist of her favourite songs and load them to your phone or to the Bluetooth speakers in the villa. The Spotify link above will give you some ideas if you’re not sure how to choose the best music. It’s ok if you’re a bit embarrassed, whatever you choose she’ll love that you made an effort.

4. The Chocolate

Also, don’t forget to secure a large bar of artisanal chocolate in her favourite flavour! Krakatoa has the best chocolate in Bali, and there’s a pop-up store near to the villas that are listed below. Keep this in the fridge overnight, so it doesn’t melt.

Krakakoa Bali

5. The Bubbles

You’re definitely going to need a bottle of yummy champagne. You can use this delivery service to have a bottle of Veuve or Moet delivered, but it may be cheaper to pick one up in duty-free on your way into Bali. Try to keep it a secret if possible! Preserving the surprise is everything.

6. The Breakfast

Luckily our villas offer a complimentary breakfast so check in with your villa manager or housekeeping about the menu. We totally recommend asking for it to be a floating breakfast so you can lounge in the pool together while you snack on tropical fruit and sip champagne. Yum!

7. The Location

Last but not least is the location. Setting the scene will really make her day, so here are three of our best Bali romantic getaways. Contact us quickly to reserve one for your surprise weekend getaway.

Villa Istana Satu

Villa Istana Satu is a lavish single-storey getaway. It’s contemporary yet tropical and extremely private. Natural light abounds, the pool is magnificent, and there’s an air-conditioned movie room for snuggling with your Valentine.

Villa Lanai

Freshly renovated, this luxurious villa is a perfect escape spot. It’s fully enclosed so even if the weather is a little spotty you’ll have loads of space to relax in. Think of it as your own private oasis – it also comes complete with a butler to really impress your girl!

Villa Zensa

A combination of plush design and prime location, this villa will be a Valentine’s surprise she’ll never forget. Think marble floors, a candlelit pool, beautiful king-sized beds, and bathtubs galore.

We Have Bali’s Best Holiday Villas

We just love the idea of playing cupid, and we wish you the best of luck with your Valentine’s plans for the year. Feel free to contact us at any time for more villa recommendations, or some advice on how to knock the socks off of your special someone. Our villa managers and butlers are on hand to help you make her dreams come true, and we can make almost everything possible with a little extra notice.

10 February 2020

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