The Six Best Coffee Shops in Bali


The Six Best Coffee Shops in Bali

At Bali Holiday Villas we love our coffee as much as the next person, so whenever we take on a new villa, we scout out the best coffee shops in the area to ensure our guests can get a proper caffeine fix. After years of research – and many tons of beans consumed – here’s a list, (in no particular order) of the six best spots to hit for great coffee in Bali.

1.Anomali Coffee

Famous for its sheer range of beans, blends, equipment and even coffee training, Anomali is worth a visit for tasty coffee sourced throughout Indonesia’s archipelago. Order a blend of coffee grown in Aceh, Java and Sumatra to name a few, and sit back while you enjoy the casual Indonesian vibe. These guys have a branch in Ubud and Seminyak plus a thriving online delivery service. If you’re looking for specialist equipment for your “at-home” machine, you’re likely to be in luck at Anomali. They sell everything from filters to heatproof glass, and they can train your barista or your villa staff to make it just how you like it. Villa Aramanis are fantastic modern villas perfect for families or groups and with close proximity to Anomali coffee to give you your morning fix.

2.Revolver Espresso

This place is legendary, and a fair amount of the coffee shops in Bali sell their grind because of it. Revolver Cafe has been around for years, and they’ve lasted for good reason. They have two busy locations, one in Seminyak and another in Oberoi. There’s also a sweet unisex retail line with good tee shirts. We drink coffee there, and we take it home by the bag for those early morning plunger moments. Revolver’s blends are either the single origin from Bali’s own Kintamani area or the Guatemala-Columbia-Papua New Guinea house blend. The Residense Seminyak is complex of villas from 2 bedroom up to 5 bedrooms in the heart of Seminyak and walking distance to the famous Revolver espresso bar.


With thousands of five-star reviews and a great colour scheme, Sisterfields deserves mention. They are an Australian-run coffee shop with excellent coffee and decent food in a handy Seminyak location. They also openly claim to be a favourite spot of the island’s “in-crowd” so if you’re not ALL about that Instagram lifestyle, it might be worth proceeding with caution. Nobody wants a side of pretension with their short black but Sisterfields is holding on to its spot on this list because of the quality of the fare. Villa Anahata is a superb 2 bedroom villa 5 minutes away from Sisterfield and an easy walk to not only catch your caffine fix but load up on its delicious breakfast offerings.

4. Expat

Expat makes ‘sick’ coffee. Here are some of their thoughts on perfection:

“The perfect bean is a combination of both art and science – recognising a superior product from the point it’s hand-picked to the myriad of scientific processes that determine its final flavour. It’s a delicate balance of hand, head (and heart).”

They are perhaps the exact opposite to Sisterfields in the sense that this is a non-pretentious coffee shop where hardworking expats meet to enjoy a nomadic collection of beans from around the world. Also, just for good measure, the Head Barista, Sean McNamara, has won a bunch of awards for nothing else but making good coffee. Villa White Pearl another great little 2 bedroom villa just a short walk from Expat, check it out and book with us today.

5. Peloton Supershop

Based on one of the main intersections in the idyllic but crazily busy surf village of Canggu, Peloton is a vegan’s paradise with decent coffee that’s mainly been listed here for those of you who are “non-milkers”. On the ‘mylk menu,’ Peloton has coconut, almond, soy, Bonsoy and cashew milk. The staff are well trained, the ethos is earth-friendly, the merchandise is cool, and you also get a sweet little flower on the side of your tulip cupped almond flat white. Go there if you have allergies or want ‘to be seen to be’ ‘treading gently’ on the earth. We recommend the couch under the fan upstairs. Villa Waha and Villa Maya these idealic 4 bedroom villas are side by side but a complete contrast and are in the middle of the hottest food explosion in Bali situated between Brawa and Canggu and close to the Pelaton Supershop.

6. Savage Kitchen

Again in Canggu, Savage has consistently good coffee, but it shines in the area of bulletproof mixes. Not just cold brew by the bottle either, the staff at Savage can mix you up a combo of date and almond drip bulletproof and match it perfectly with a sexy little piece of cake. In the same area but just to the left of Savage Kitchen, you’ll also find Parachute. It’s Canggu’s latest hot spot, and the coffee has been consistently tasty on our first two exploratory trips. Villa Virginia another perfect 4 bedroom villa ideal for a family or a group of friends positioned well to explore Savage kitchen.
Ok, that’s enough from us for another week, all the best for your Bali holiday and enjoy the high season! We’re super busy, but we’ve still got some stylish little villas available close by to some of these coffee shops. Check our website for more detail or get in touch with us here for a villa to make your Bali holiday more righteous than ever before.

9 July 2018

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