Things To Do at Aramanis Villas


Things To Do at Aramanis Villas

Based in the heart of the Oberoi district, Villa Aramanis is a luxurious haven that’s excellent value for larger groups, and central to the best attractions that Seminyak has to offer.

If you’re a guest here, then consider yourself lucky! Once you’ve had enough of lounging by the pool, call a driver and take a shot and our latest recommendations. We’ve done some local research and put together a foodie itinerary for a truly blissful Bali day.


Whether you have breakfast at the villa or in one of the local cafes, we recommend taking a stop and checking out the newest offering by Starbucks. It’s a point of local pride and offers not only fantastic coffee but an educational and cultural experience for the whole family.

On one side, it’s a coffee shop with both regional blends and all your favourite Starbucks classics. On the other, you can learn about the coffee bean growing and harvesting process. There’s art by Balinese artisans and workshops for those who want to learn to make coffee. You’ll leave feeling uplifted, caffeinated ready to face the day.


After spending years working at the Ritz Carlton, Master Chef Dean Keddel opened up his restaurants to serve food lovers who come from across the island. His latest offering is the place to visit if you’re staying in Oberoi. Jackson Lily’s is an Asian fusion inspired paradise where his innovative food will knock your socks off! Chef Keddell won the coveted Yak award for the best chef in Bali last year, and this hip Seminyak restaurant is well worth the visit. We suggest you get on the phone, make a booking and try the Chicken, pomelo, coconut, vermicelli, avocado and kenari nuts salad.


The smoothie bowl has become a popular and healthy food option in the last few years, and nobody does it better than the original Nalu Bowl store. They have three locations now, but the one closest to you is underneath a local cafe called Shelter in Seminyak. Nalu sources all of their ingredients daily and specializes in creating fusions of dragon fruit, coconut flesh and Bali’s sweet mangoes. Each bowl has its own flavour so whether you want a green vegetable top-up or a sweet treat, there’s something at Nalu for you. We recommend the strawberries and cream bowl. It’s called The Box and contains banana, coconut flesh, strawberries, coconut nectar and coconut milk. It’s topped with granola, fresh strawberries, banana, strawberry & cocoa drizzle. It’s a pure delight that will look incredible on your Instagram account.

Sunset Coconuts

Once you’ve recovered from your day of eating, head down to Seminyak Beach for sunset. You can make yourself comfortable in one of the many restaurants or just on the beach itself. There are dozens of colourful beanbags with umbrellas to keep you cool and willing staff who will bring you a fresh baby coconut in a snap. The idea is to time it perfectly so you can watch the sun go down while relaxing in the shade with the cleansing probiotic goodness of Bali’s seemingly endless coconut supply. We recommend you hydrate yourself with at least two of these beauties and capture as many ‘island time’ selfies as possible at this picturesque beach location.

A Day of Hedonism

Villa Aramanis is one of our favourite properties, and we hope you get to enjoy some time here! And hey, it’s your holiday so why not sign up for a day of complete hedonism with food, drinks, shopping and partying into the wee hours of the morning. You can book Villa Aramanis by clicking here or view any of our other luxurious Bali villas on your next Bali holiday.

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17 December 2019

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