Usher In The Chinese New Year In Beautiful Bali


Usher In The Chinese New Year In Beautiful Bali

The Chinese New Year is nearly upon us! Though the celebration usually falls in February, The Year Of The Rat begins on Saturday, January the 25th and celebrations will last until the 11th of February. We wish all of our Chinese guests prosperity, good health, good fortune and a year of happiness!

With its multi-layer of cultures and religions, Bali is a fantastic place to celebrate the new year, so without further ado, we’ve listed some of the activites, restaurants and performances you can attend to honour the lunar passing.

And, if you’re a quickwitted rat or a diligent ox who’s in the mood to sneak away from the festivities at home, then check out these luxurious villas we have at a special low rate to celebrate. The rat and the ox come first and second on the charts for a reason, and they will be rewarded finely for their haste in booking!

Six Fun Activities For Every Zodiac Sign

The following list contains festivities that are spread across the island, but most are either very close or within 90 minutes of Seminyak. So if you’re in one of our villas, don’t hesitate to ask for a driver to ferry you there and back in air-conditioned style.

Infinite Fortune At The Sofitel Nusa Dua

Infinite Fortune is an incredible traditional dining event to be held at the Kwee Zeen restaurant from January 20-26th. It’s a festive buffet-style celebration which will include all of your favourite Asian delicacies and Chinese entertainment. These include the acrobatic Wushu performers, an energetic Lion dance and a hypnotic face-changing dance with skilled dancers and performers.

A Humble Celebration At Warung Laota

After 15 years on the island, Warung Laota is one of Bali’s oldest and most traditional Chinese restaurants. Founded by a fisherman named Mr Laota it’s a more humble – though still utterly delicious – way to mark the start of the Year of the Rat. They have three branches in Jimbaran, Kuta and Sunset Road. Here you’ll find homemade Hong Kong-style delights and a friendly, casual vibe.

Vibrant Displays At The Ling Gwan Kiong Temple

This Chinese temple visit involves a day trip to Singaraja, but if you’re a fan of authentic Chinese and Balinese performers, then the Ling Kiong Temple visit will be very pleasing. Based right on the water, the devotees will perform a well practised Dragon dance, a percussion ensemble show and a sparkly array of fireworks as darkness descends. This event offers a combination of Balinese Hindusim and Chinese history all wrapped up in one day of merriment.

Good Fortune and Limitless Blessings at The Ayana

Based in Jimbaran, The AYANA is a large resort that has a veritable array of festive offerings for the Chinese New Year. They include a special Cantonese style menu at Ah Yat Abalone Seafood Restaurant, a celebration of the noodle in all its glory at To’Ge Restaurant plus many different dance performances along the way. On the eve of the lunar, there’s a red-themed, after-party at The Rock Bar, which is perched on the clifftops. Oh, and if you feel like some extra pampering, try the Aqua Bamboo Spa Journey or an Orange Blossom Infusion treatment at their on-site spa.

A Feast For The Lunar New Year at The Sheraton

The Sheraton in Kuta is all about the food this Chinese New Year. There will be an all-day dining experience at Feast Kitchen, a stylish open-kitchen restaurant with views of the ocean or the forest. The chefs are serving traditional Peking Duck, Yee Sang Prosperity Salad with fresh raw fish, Stir-fried Kung Pao Chicken, a variety of whole steamed fish and so much more. The menu also includes free-flow rosella tea, classic Chinese desserts like sesame seed balls and of course, as many fortune cookies as you can manage.

A Prosperity Dinner At The Westin

This event is to be held under the stars with a menu of traditional Chinese delicacies that are sure to bring you peace, wealth and longevity! There’s a live band and a special giveaway of Ang Pao envelopes with vouchers to bring good luck. The Westin will also offer a healing ritual of Qi Ging in the summer garden. It’s an ancient mind-body and sound practice that uses breathing and self-massage to focus your intent for 2020. It can help you to heal from any emotional, physical or mental stress and is a very calming way to mark the lunar passing.

Enjoy The Year Of The Rat In Paradise

That’s it from us, but first, we’d like to say Happy Chinese New Year to all who are celebrating in Bali. We wish you endless prosperity and joy! And for those who haven’t seen this glorious little island before, we’d like to welcome you to visit during 2020. Feel free to contact us at any time or simply peruse our selection of stylish villas here.

23 January 2020

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