Wet Season Winners


Wet Season Winners

The Wet Season is one of the best times to come and visit this tropical paradise, the rains bring alive the natural wealth of the island and although the name gives the impression of consistent downpours, nothing could be further from the truth. There is still plenty of sun to work on your tan!

Wet season is characterised by monsoon type showers and overcast skies which usually pass pretty quickly with the sun eagerly, muscling its way back to bathe the island in its glory. In fact, days can go by where the skies are brilliant blue with not a sign of rain. The average temperatures during wet season are 29° C – to 32° C (82.2° F – 89.4° F). These are not greatly higher than during dry season but it feels much hotter because of the greatly increased humidity. This can reach 85% which means that a well air-conditioned space in one of our luxury villas is a must.

Visibly refreshed and revitalised, after the rain, the isl
and cools down and this is a perfect time to meander through the famous rice paddies of Ubud or the coffee plantations near Batur Caldera in the north-east. If walking just seems like too much effort, take a relaxing horseback ride along one of the island’s stunning beaches instead. Or if you prefer a bigger, more exotic stead, head to the world renowned elephant safari in Taro and trek through the vibrant forests.

Rivers burst with new enthusiasm, sated by the rain, and provide a stage for exhilarating white water rafting experiences where you can be guaranteed a roller coaster ride through the lush jungles and prehistoric ravines hidden away in the heart of the island. Two of the top spots for this can be found on the Ayung River and TelgaWaja. More adventure opportunities are provided by the change in the wind that this season brings. This opens up some great east coast surf breaks in Nusa Dua and Sanur, bringing a different flavour to the surfing scene. The legendary dry season breaks like Padang, Padang and Uluwatu can still fire with some power when the weather is right and are less crowded during the wetter months.

If relaxation is your top priority, Bali has a multitude of day spas with innumerable treatments on offer that will luxuriously soothe away the stresses of your real life. These also provide a great place to take refuge during a downpour for an impromptu massage or pedicure. When you are blissed-out, a little rain is never going to faze you. Alternatively if you prefer a little movement with your relaxation head down to one of the many beautiful yoga centres and experience the unforgettable atmosphere of stretching out with a tempest raging around you. Wet Season can bring supernaturally, spectacular electrical storms to the island. Watch these at night for the full effect when they crackle blue and purple over the beaches, lighting up the whole world with their jagged, spectral fingers.

Having said all this, when there has not been a drop of rain for days, it is an idyllic time to relax by the pool, sipping on a coconut and catching up on a bit of light reading or to take advantage of some of the excellent retail therapy on offer in the luxury boutiques of Seminyak or the cheaper markets of Kuta. Bali is a tropical paradise at any time of year but Wet Season really brings alive the sultry allure of the jungles and rice paddies, freshening up the islands reserves and providing a multitude of opportunities for a once in a life time experience. It is the perfect time to appreciate this incredible island and accommodation can get really busy during the period over Christmas and into January, so book now to avoid disappointment.

7 January 2016

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